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Why did the sunflower disappear from the Christmas tree?

Why did the sunflower disappear from the Christmas tree?

A new study shows that the sunflowers that bloomed in the Netherlands in early December will be missed by many.

The researchers looked at a study of more than 10,000 trees in the country to find out why the species went extinct in the mid-20th century.

The species is called the sunfruits because they are white flowers.

They’re among the world’s most popular Christmas trees, and they’re also used as a symbol of rebirth and hope.

The scientists say they found no evidence that the species has been introduced into the Netherlands, or even that it’s been killed.

The sunflower is native to Australia and New Zealand, but in Europe it has been wiped out by a fungus called P. dalmatensis, and the species was introduced in the United States to replace it.

The fungus, which affects trees worldwide, has wiped out almost all of the sun-fruits in the Americas.

A new report says the sun fruit may have been replaced with a species called the Dutch sunflower.

(Reuters/Ned Van Wijk) The Dutch sunflores were planted with the seeds from P.dalmatei and P.cranulus species, which live in the forests of northern Germany and northern Switzerland.

But in the 1980s, researchers from the Netherlands’ National Research Council found that these two species were disappearing from the sun fruits in the northern forests of the Netherlands.

A Dutch sun fruit was planted in a forest near the village of St. Mechelen, near the Belgian border.

Researchers had to wait more than two decades for scientists to discover what was happening.

The next report in the study looks at the impact of the fungus, and finds that the Dutch population has decreased.

In a new study, researchers have shown that the Netherlands lost the sunfruit during the 1980-2000 period.

The study, which appears in the journal Ecology Letters, shows that in the last 30 years, there has been an increase in the number of sunflorals planted and that the number has decreased in the north.

The research is part of a broader trend that shows that trees are disappearing.

“The last century saw a massive increase in deforestation in many regions,” says study lead author Daniel D. van der Velde, a researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Applied Ecology.

“There was a huge decrease in biodiversity.

We’re seeing the same phenomenon here in the Dutch.

There’s a lack of biodiversity.”

Van der Velde says that although it’s possible that the decline is temporary, the decrease in diversity in the area is significant.

“That’s why we have a need to look into how the landscape has changed,” he says.

The number of Dutch sunfarms is expected to fall by at least one third in the coming years.

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