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How to film a documentary about a single person’s life in 2016

How to film a documentary about a single person’s life in 2016

The best documentaries are never about the people who make them.

That’s why we decided to take a look at the most memorable moments from 2016 in order to get to the heart of how documentaries are made.

We know you’ll find the results to be more than fascinating.

Here’s our list of the 10 most memorable documentaries of 2016.1.

‘The People of the Moon’ (2017)A documentary about the moon, ‘The Moon People’ is a rare, emotional, and very intimate film about the human spirit.

The story of an orphaned girl and her family on their way to the moon and her father, played by Tom Hanks, captures the essence of what it means to be human.

You’ll feel your heart pounding with the sheer power of the story as it moves along.2.

‘Bridget Jones’s Journey’ (2016)This documentary takes you on a journey with one of Britain’s greatest human rights campaigners.

It is a powerful story of human suffering and the struggles faced by people who live with disability, as well as the power of women, children and the elderly.

The documentary is a testament to the bravery and bravery of those who are willing to make the journey.3.

‘Life at the Zoo’ (2015)A haunting and moving documentary, ‘Life At The Zoo’ is about a man who has spent his life working as a zookeeper at the zoo, but is slowly being taken away from the animals he loves.

He has lost the sense of self he’s worked so hard to build, but his family is determined to make it through.4.

‘Til Death Do Us Part’ (2014)An emotional film about a woman’s battle with cancer.

She fights for the right to die, and for the dignity of life, for those who have survived the disease.

It’s a powerful and moving story of a woman struggling to live with the loss of her son, but also a story of resilience and resilience.5.

‘My Name is Earl’ (2013)A harrowing and heart-wrenching documentary about Earl, the son of a police officer.

The film follows Earl as he becomes a leader of the movement against the lawlessness of Glasgow’s streets, and of the justice system in general.6.

‘Walking the Line’ (2011)A true documentary about people fighting for justice in prisons in the UK.

The people fighting to get justice in prison are often young people who are in need of support and help.

The result is a beautiful and moving film about how these people fight for their rights.7.

‘Murderer’ (2010)A remarkable documentary about two people who were convicted of killing a man, and the way their trial was overturned by the courts and the public.

A moving and powerful documentary about how people can turn on each other, and how they fight back.8.

‘I Am the Devil’ (2009)A powerful and inspiring film about two brothers who are locked up in a maximum security prison for life.

A story of love and compassion, and a story that resonates with all of us.9.

‘Shots Fired’ (2007)A gripping documentary about an ordinary man who gets involved in the armed conflict in Afghanistan.

The powerful and emotional story of the life and death of a man in Afghanistan is a story we cannot ignore.10.

‘A Love Story’ (2006)A poignant documentary about love and betrayal.

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and in this film, the truth is a man and a woman who are living the love of their life.

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