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Why I’m a Photographer, by Dan McKeown

Why I’m a Photographer, by Dan McKeown

Dan Mckeown, who runs a website dedicated to photography and a number of online venues dedicated to real estate photography has written an article about why he’s a photographer.

“I started to notice something about my friends who are real estate photographers,” he wrote.

“I always wanted to do a career in photography and now that I’m in my early 30s I’m really happy with my choice.”

“So what I like about the job is it can be pretty challenging and I can’t be pigeonholed into a career path.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, but it’s never been my passion, and that’s why I’m doing it now.”

He continued, “I’ve been a real estate photographer for almost 10 years and have spent the past few years taking photographs for a number, including for my own wedding photography portfolio.”

There’s nothing like it, but you do get to see things you would never normally get to.

In my own home, I can see everything, which is what I enjoy about the process of getting a photo.

“Dan McKepool, who lives in the Sydney suburb of Bayswater, said that his passion for real estate photos started around seven years ago when he took a photograph of a property for his brother, who was selling the property.”

The picture is really striking, and I remember the day the sale was made, and the house was a beautiful little place,” he said.

When he was a teenager, he was asked by a fellow student to do some portrait work, but his interest in real estate wasn’t really there yet.”

So I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I was like, ‘I’ve got to do something with this house,’ and I thought I could probably do some things with it, and then I took the photograph,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

He eventually realised he liked the way the photo showed a property’s character.”

I love the house so much that it was like a family.

And it was beautiful, so I went for it.

“He ended up buying the property, and in 2007 started his own business, Dan McPeey, which he said has grown over the years.

Dan said the business, which takes its name from his nickname “Dan McPoey,” has grown from just one person to around 20 people since it began in 2015.”

We sell property in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne,” he explained.

The site is managed by the site, Dan, and Dan’s wife, Heather, and he said the company has grown to around 100 people and is now able to cover all of Sydney and Queensland.”

Dan is a very passionate, hardworking, and passionate guy.

He has a lot of pride in his business, he is passionate about the business,” he added.

His wife Heather said the site is also looking to expand, but Dan said it would not happen overnight.”

It would be impossible to say we’ve got all our ducks in a row, we are in a period of growth,” he joked.

This is the third time Dan has written a book about his photography, but he said he has always had his eye on writing another one.”

But I’m not sure I want to write about anything for a while yet,” he admitted.”

That’s a long time, but we’re getting there.

I’m thinking about writing a book, I’ve got an idea for it, so hopefully it’ll come out in the next few years.


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