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‘Dog Photographer of the Year’ for 2017

‘Dog Photographer of the Year’ for 2017

Goldens Hour is the new pet photographer of the year award, and its winner is an adorable black lab named Coco who’s been named one of the world’s best pet photographers by pet-loving media outlets.

Coco, who was born in Japan in 2014, is the first lab to be named the best pet photographer for 2017.

Read moreDog photographers of the past years have been awarded the honour twice before, in 2015 for one of them, James Kincaid, and in 2014 for another.

Coco’s new position is also a big coup for the breed, as it will help to legitimise the breed in the eyes of the general public, and also give her a greater platform to showcase her work in more places.

In 2017, the International Golden Hour Dog Photography Awards were presented by Golden Hour, and were held in New York City on August 4-5.

Golden Hour was formed in 2005 by the late Robert Kincade, a photographer who had a passion for animal photography, and has since published a number of books, including the hugely popular How to Photograph Animals.

Kincade also made a documentary about Golden Hour dogs, the Dog of the Century, which won a prize at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival.

Kinko’s Golden Hour was founded in 2011 by Kincay, the man behind the Dog Photography Award, and Kinko is currently based in New Zealand.

Kinky’s Golden Hours’ director, Paul Bowerman, said that the organisation’s aim is to help dogs of all ages to get a more complete picture of their world, and to showcase their talents for the world to see.

“Golden Hour is a dog-focused organisation that is very much about celebrating the beauty of animals,” he said.

“Our aim is that we get them to realise the beauty that exists in the world, so they can share that with their family and friends and their community.”

Golden Hour’s annual awards are voted on by its members, and winners are announced by the International Dog Photography Association in December.

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