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How to Use Your Smartphone Camera to Take Pictures of People

How to Use Your Smartphone Camera to Take Pictures of People

The ability to take pictures of people is nothing new, but now we have a new tool that will make it easier.

YouTuber TheRealPawkin has built a tool that allows you to take a photo of a person, and upload it to YouTube.

The app is called Lifetouch and it can record a picture of a human being at any point in time, without the need for any software.

People can then post their shots on YouTube and share them with friends.

There are some limitations to Lifetich, but it works in a variety of scenarios and it does so at a relatively low cost.

It is free to use, and it only requires an internet connection to upload.

TheRealpawkin told the Huffington Post that he has taken photos of celebrities, celebrities with cancer, and the president.

He has uploaded them to YouTube and shared them with the public.

So far, his videos have garnered more than 5 million views.

This has not been the first time Lifetotch has been used to take photographs of celebrities.

It was used by the BBC to document the death of the Queen.

TheRalph Waldo Emerson famously used the device to take photos of the monarch at Windsor Castle in 1963.

The Queen died the following year and it is unclear whether she ever used the Lifetoch device.

What do you think of the use of the Lifetech?

Let us know in the comments.

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