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David Hamilton and the Art of Photography

David Hamilton and the Art of Photography

David Hamiltons eyes are the most expressive of all time, and they’ve been his source of inspiration since he was just five years old.

Now, in his 50s, the renowned photographer and his team at Studio Hamilton have been hard at work on an exhibition called The Art of Photos: The Eye, the Eye, and the Brain, which celebrates the many artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers who have taken on the art of photography and used it to tell their stories.

The show is being curated by David’s daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Joe.

Sarah and Joe Hamilton opened Studio Hamilton in 2012 with the aim of creating a safe space for creative and innovative young people to be inspired and empowered.

“When you have a beautiful face, you want to make it beautiful and powerful,” said Sarah, whose father was born in England and who moved to Canada with her family when she was six.

“It’s all about looking at your face, and taking a moment to think about what you want and what you’re feeling.”

The Hamiltones have been working to produce this collection of images, which will run through October, with the intention of giving each subject a piece of their life.

Sarah said that in addition to the work they’re doing with David, they also have a project with filmmaker and author Michael Moore called Moore’s The Blind Side, which was shot over six years.

“We wanted to make sure it was authentic, but not as literal as we can make it,” she said.

“The images we’re doing are very real and authentic and beautiful, and we’re also using all of the tools we had as kids, but we’re trying to make them real.”

To create this new exhibition, Sarah said, they’ve chosen to focus on subjects such as her father, a professional photographer who grew up in Northern Ireland and moved to Vancouver in 1978, when he was 20.

“His dad is a great portrait photographer, and his dad took incredible photos of the homeless, he took photos of all kinds of subjects, he did his own photo shoot, and it was all very personal to him,” Sarah said.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Hamilton has a keen interest in the human body.

“I had my first baby when I was 16 years old,” he said.

The exhibition opens with a collection of photographs by photographer Andy Warhol, which feature the artist at his best, and features work by the late artist, and renowned photographer, Robert Capa.

The work by Warhol was taken during the 1970s, and in addition, includes works by the French painter Henri Cartier-Bresson, which shows a woman with her back to the viewer.

“Andy Warhol is a very iconic person, and he’s just one of those people that can capture everything,” Sarah Hamilton said.

Warhol has been credited with revolutionizing photography in the 1950s, as well as his influence on artists such as Richard Serra, the great American photographer who died in 2008.

“He’s one of the first people to really take advantage of the digital world and make it accessible and accessible to everybody, which is something that’s not easy with all of these things that we’re going through now,” Sarah added.

Sarah believes the exhibition has been inspired by the many young photographers who have come before her, and said that she hopes to bring the subject matter of their work to life in the future.

“They have such beautiful faces and expressive eyes, but also beautiful bodies,” she explained.

“If they had these beautiful eyes, I think that could make a really powerful image, and you would see it as a person.

It’s about making the viewer see it and know that that person is actually seeing that image.

And it’s about seeing it and being able to share that experience.”

The exhibition also includes works that are not necessarily associated with a particular photographer.

“There’s a lot of beautiful, raw photography that’s come from the ’80s, ’90s, when there was no filters, and there was just a camera that was just amazing,” Sarah noted.

And we all love to see ourselves reflected in those images.” “

And I think we all have that experience.

And we all love to see ourselves reflected in those images.”

To find out more about the exhibition, visit Studio Hamilton on Facebook.

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