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Why the NFL is paying a photography degree in order to work for Fox Sports

Why the NFL is paying a photography degree in order to work for Fox Sports

Posted September 02, 2018 09:50:06 More than two years after Fox Sports hired former photographer Ryan McLeod to document the Baltimore Ravens, the network is reportedly offering a degree to help cover their Super Bowl celebrations.

According to Fox Sports’ Sports Illustrated, the company is paying McLeod, an avid Ravens fan, a $50,000-a-year stipend to work on the team’s Super Bowl party in 2019.

The Ravens will host their first Super Bowl game in 20 years on Jan. 6 in Miami.

The Ravens are the first team to host the event in 20 seasons.

McLeod, who is currently covering the Super Bowl with ESPN’s Pro Football Talk, previously worked for ESPN’s World of Sports and NBC Sports’ NFL Live.

Fox Sports’ plan is to begin paying the former NFL cameraman next season, according to Fox News.

McLeod told Sports Illustrated in September that he was offered a position on the Ravens’ celebratory team photo by the network after the Ravens won the Superdome in 2017.

He told the magazine that he did not receive an offer but hoped to get the job after working for the Ravens for four years.

McLodle had previously worked on the Patriots’ Patriots vs. Broncos game, the Steelers vs. Cowboys game and the New England Patriots vs.-Dallas Cowboys game, among other games.

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