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David Hamilton: The first ever ‘flop-out’ on an airport runway

David Hamilton: The first ever ‘flop-out’ on an airport runway

A Canadian airline’s first flop-off has landed David Hamrickson in the headlines, after the man who flew it down the runway had a personal issue with a fellow passenger.

Hamilton, a Canadian who flew his own plane for more than 40 years, landed the Boeing 737-800 plane at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport around 5:45 p.m. on Friday, the day before it was due to leave for the U.S. to be used in an upcoming test flight.

Hamricksons plane was one of a pair of Boeing 737s owned by the Canadian company, Canadian International Airlines.

Hamricksons aircraft landed safely, but the incident is drawing national attention.

The Canadian Transport Agency is looking into the incident, and it was unclear what role the incident might have had on the Canadian’s plane, which was grounded in the U: “I’m not sure that we’ll know until we have the report,” Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca told reporters.

In the U., an official at the airport confirmed the plane landed safely.

But when asked whether there were any issues with the Canadian, the official said, “I have no information about that.”

In a blog post, the Canadian Aviation Safety Board said it is “aware of a recent incident” involving a Canadian plane at the Pearson airport.

The board said in a statement that it is investigating the incident.

In a statement, the U

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