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‘I was just a boy’ – ‘I could have been a killer’ – in the ‘worst day of my life’

‘I was just a boy’ – ‘I could have been a killer’ – in the ‘worst day of my life’

“I was in the middle of a terrible storm and my phone was going off,” she said.

“I could hear people screaming.

I was on the phone with my friends, telling them to call 911, and I’m saying ‘Oh my God, they’re calling 911.'”

“And they all turned and looked at me.

I didn’t even know what they were saying.

It was a terrible moment.”

The phone was switched off and she was able to make calls for help.

“The first one I called, I’m like, ‘Call 911, call 911,'” she recalled.

“And then I was just crying.

I’m crying, crying, screaming.”‘

I was an innocent child’ It was only after they called the police that they were able to find out who she was.

“They called my father and I said ‘Mom, I got my phone back,'” she said, her voice breaking with emotion.

“He said, ‘You know what, I don’t have my phone.

I don- I don’ know if I should go to jail.

I know if they have a warrant, they could arrest me.'”

She said she was then taken to a police station and told she was being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

“When I was told that, I was a child.

I thought I was an adult, I thought this is what’s going to happen.

I wanted to do the right thing, but it wasn’t like I had done anything wrong,” she added.

“It was just the worst day of our lives.”‘

This has been my worst day’ The charges were dropped after she pleaded guilty to the felony of disorderly conduct, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

But when she tried to register for a new phone, she was told it was a lost cause.

“My phone was turned off, and it was just me and a few friends on the streets of New Orleans,” she told NBC News.

“We couldn’t call anyone back.

So, I just stayed at home.”

“I thought I could be a killer, so I didn’ know what to do.

I just wanted to kill as many people as possible,” she explained.

“There were about 10 people that day and I got in a fight with one of them.

He hit me and I just dropped him to the ground and tried to get away.

He grabbed my phone and tried choking me.

So I got the phone out and I thought it was dead.

I had no idea what happened.

I couldn’t figure out what to say.

I remember saying ‘I’m going to kill him.’

He said, “You’re going to be fine.

We’ll get him out of here.

But you’re going in the trunk.”‘

“All I could do was scream and I couldn’ t talk, I couldn t even think straight. “

Our car got stolen, we didn’t have the keys, and we just couldn’t get through this day,” she recalled, tears welling in her eyes.

“All I could do was scream and I couldn’ t talk, I couldn t even think straight.

I kept thinking, ‘Is this going to make me better?

Is this going a good day?’

And I just couldn t get through that day.

I still remember that day.”

‘We had a hard day’ During the next two days, she and her friends were arrested for the felony and faced up to 10 years in jail.

“As the day went on, I realized, oh, I can’t be in jail for the rest of my day.

It’s my worst nightmare,” she recounted.

“But I had to do it, because the people that I love are being killed and they have nothing to do with this.”

She said that she didn’t believe in killing anyone, but she believed that she and the other victims needed to do something to stop it.

“So, I went to the courthouse and I tried to make it very clear that I believe they need to be charged,” she remembered.

“This has to stop.

And I felt I had a lot of power to make a difference and I didn t want to be in that position.”

“The more I think about it, the more I believe that I can do something about this, that there is a reason for this, and that I am an innocent person,” she concluded.

“Every day I think, I will be able to be at work tomorrow and get through it.

They are my heroes. “

Thank you to God, my parents are with me every day.

They are my heroes.

They will always be my heroes, and my friends will always remember me.”

“It is the end of a tragedy,” she insisted. “That

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