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Why do we love toy photography?

Why do we love toy photography?

We love the thrill of capturing images in our favorite toys.

But what about the art of photography?

What are some of the most important principles to keep in mind?

I asked these questions in my new book, “Why Do We Love Toy Photography?,” which was published in February.

Here are my top tips for making your images truly timeless.1.

Use a mirror or digital camera2.

Look at your photo with the focus on your subject3.

Use the focus in the middle of the photo, where your subject is most noticeable4.

Focus your subject’s face, nose, or mouth as you take the photo.5.

If you can get a good angle, use a wide angle lens6.

Use high ISO.

This is the most powerful tool you can use to achieve stunning images7.

Look for the color of your subject.

If the subject is dark, the white will fade away.8.

Use different exposure times to make the final image.


If possible, try to find a location that you can see your subject from.10.

You can use an app or website to find your subject using the subject’s name.11.

Use your camera’s shutter speed to make your photo even more unique.12.

Take the subject in your own hands, without a tripod.

If your subject can’t stand in front of a tripod, try a walking stick.13.

Use an iPhone to take your photo, or your camera on a tripod or tripod stand.14.

Use some kind of digital flash.

It will make your image pop out.15.

Take your photo as a digital print or as a full-sized print on a computer.16.

Set a timer for 30 seconds to capture a photo.17.

If shooting in low light, set your timer to 15 seconds to take a picture.18.

If using a tripod to get your photos in focus, get the tripod ready in advance.19.

If it’s sunny, you can’t use a flash to make a good shot.

You will have to rely on your eyes.20.

You might not have time to take photos of every subject.

That’s OK!

I know that you want to get as much of your photos as you can before you leave for the next trip.


Choose your subject carefully.

You want to capture the essence of the person.22.

Choose a subject that has a unique personality.

You may want to try to get to know them from afar.23.

Choose an appropriate location.

You could have a coffee shop on a quiet street, or maybe an old-fashioned barn in a remote corner of town.24.

Choose the right shot to take.

Make sure you are capturing your subject correctly.25.

Try to get a close-up shot with your camera to show how your subject looks.26.

If there are many people around, use flash to give the shot a little extra sparkle.27.

When you are shooting in an area where people are walking, make sure you make sure the subjects pose a lot of attention to you.28.

If photographing your subject in a group, ask the person next to you if they can take a photo of their face.29.

If a person is close to you, you may want them to take the shot as well.30.

Try different lighting techniques.

You don’t want to lose the depth of the image, but you do want to create a unique effect.31.

Use contrast to highlight your subject and add drama.32.

Try taking photos at different times of day.33.

Use natural light to create contrast in the image.34.

Choose photos with different focal lengths.

You are better off with a shorter lens.35.

Use slow shutter speeds to reduce noise and capture more of your image.36.

Experiment with different settings to achieve your desired results.37.

Use HDR to enhance your images.38.

Use flash to get some really cool effects.39.

Use dynamic range to increase contrast and create some amazing effects.40.

Experiment to find the best exposure for your subject when shooting with flash.41.

Use tripod stand to capture your subject at a perfect angle.42.

Use black and white to give your photos a more traditional look.43.

If capturing your own subject is your favorite, use black and whites.44.

Use digital zoom to bring out the details of your photo.45.

Try using flash to add more color to your image to give it that sparkle and dramatic effect.46.

Use multiple exposures to create an effect.47.

Use low-light to enhance the color in your photo to give them a vintage feel.48.

Use color filters to add drama and contrast to your photo and make it stand out from other photos.49.

Use shadows to give a more classic look.50.

Try your camera flash on the ground to create some really interesting shadows.51.

Try some light

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