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A former FBI agent is the latest in a long line of forensic experts to speak out on the dangers of autopsies

A former FBI agent is the latest in a long line of forensic experts to speak out on the dangers of autopsies

It’s been a rough year for some experts in the field of forensic photography.

Earlier this year, a former FBI analyst who helped oversee a massive computer crime lab scandal revealed that she was a victim of a fraud.

And in April, a forensic science journalist for The Washington Post reported that she’d been a victim, too, of a hoax.

And the FBI and its former employees have been facing new allegations of sexual misconduct since a whistleblower filed a complaint against former agents and their bosses in July.

This week, a new story broke that a former former FBI official was a subject of an autopsied death.

That ex-FBI employee, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, told the Daily Beast that she and her colleagues were given a bad report on a death she was working on when it was deemed “too hard” to determine a cause of death.

The source was the head of the bureau’s criminal division, which oversees the FBI’s field offices, who worked in the division between 2001 and 2016.

The agency has been trying to make changes in how it investigates deaths after the New York Times reported that it was conducting autopsying on hundreds of deaths.

“I am shocked, shocked, that the FBI would take this seriously,” the source told the newspaper.

“If they knew about this, they would have done a much better job of investigating it.”

The investigation, which was not disclosed to the public, came to light in August.

In a statement, the FBI acknowledged that it had “received reports of a potential fraud case involving a former deputy special agent.”

In the statement, it said that the former agent had resigned from the FBI, but did not elaborate.

“It is important to note that the individual has not been identified and we do not have any information to indicate that he committed fraud,” the FBI said.

“We have been cooperating fully with the investigation.”

The New York Daily News reported in September that the bureau had sent its former deputy chief to investigate an investigation of the death of a man in Brooklyn, but the investigation turned up no wrongdoing.

And this past week, the Daily News published an account from a former investigator who said that a grand jury in New York had been unable to indict a former New York Police Department detective who was working for the bureau.

The FBI and New York police did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

The New Yorker also published a report on Thursday that said that some former FBI agents who worked on the bureau and in the criminal division were in the dark about the death investigation.

The report, written by an ex-investigator who worked for the criminal unit and was not named, said that “a number of agents are aware that the death was being investigated” but had not yet received any official notification about the investigation.

“The FBI has never sent any official word about a death investigation,” the ex-fbi investigator wrote.

“They are just as clueless as the general public.”

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