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A drone photographer who flew her drone over a wedding

A drone photographer who flew her drone over a wedding

A drone photojournalist who flew over a marriage ceremony in Texas has become the latest person to get tattooed with a drone’s camera.

The photographer, who went by the handle of boudou, shot images of the wedding ceremony in the sky before she flew it to a location to capture the moment.

She had a camera attached to the drone, and flew it over the bride and groom’s wedding to capture their ceremony in a way she wanted.

The bride and bridegroom were not wearing wedding rings and were in a traditional ceremony.

The wedding photographer flew a drone over the ceremony, but was unaware of the drone’s location.

She was then able to fly the drone back to the bride’s home to take some of her photos of the bride.

After the wedding, boudoug went to her home to tell her family what had happened and asked for her permission to have the wedding video posted to her Instagram.

She wrote on her Instagram account that she had received permission to fly her drone in her home, but it was too early to do so, so she decided to fly it over her own wedding.

She wrote that she flew the drone over her wedding because she wanted to “see the wedding from the wedding photographer’s perspective.”

Boudou says she was able to take photos of all of the bridesmaids and the bride before they had to leave their wedding ceremony, and also to capture all of their faces as well as the bride herself.

Boudoug posted the wedding photos to her instagram account.

She said she would post the videos on her Facebook page in the future, but she would not be flying her drone at her own weddings.

She has also posted photos of her wedding to her Facebook account, which have received thousands of likes.

Bournesmaids are typically seen as the most vulnerable of the couple, and it’s hard to tell if a bridesmother has a better understanding of how she is feeling than a groom.

Boudou said she has seen some women cry during the ceremony.

Boulou said that she wanted her photos to make people feel good about the ceremony and how it was going, and that she was happy to share them on her personal account.

Bouy is the second person to have received tattooed by a drone at a wedding, after a photographer named Lizzie Smith was tattooed using a drone in 2014.

Smith and her husband, Scott, had their wedding reception filmed by a DJ, and the drone was used to capture a beautiful shot of them walking down the aisle.

The DJ and his wife were both wearing wedding bands and had their faces projected onto the DJ’s wedding cake.

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