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The new children’s photography project aims to show the power of children’s work

The new children’s photography project aims to show the power of children’s work

Posted April 01, 2019 13:29:49The new childrens photography project aimed to show that young people have the power to take pictures of themselves.

The project was launched by the Foundation for Children’s Photographic Expression (FCPFE) and aims to showcase the power children have to make the world a better place.

It aims to empower young people to create a world that is more peaceful and a better environment for all.

The Foundation for Childhood Education (FCCE) and the Children’s Media Development Institute (CMDI) jointly launched the project in the first half of 2018.

In addition to the photography, the project is to provide a space for children to share their experiences, with a focus on the positive effects of photography.

In the second half of the year, the FCPFE has plans to expand the project to cover other areas, including teaching children to make art and the art of storytelling.

The group has already made the first two photographs for the project, one for children who are involved in art projects, and one for a young boy.

The photos include a shot of a child playing in the sand in the Arabian desert, while a man takes a photo of his sister’s face.

Another photograph shows a young girl sitting in a room with her family.

The project has been supported by the Australian government through the Childrens Media Development Initiative (CAMDI), which funds projects that teach young people how to communicate digitally.

“It’s about the power we have in the world and how we can use that power to make a positive difference to the world,” FCPCE director of communications Kate Hulshoff told News24.

She said there were more than 30,000 children in the UK who had graduated to university, and were working to change their country’s image.

“There is such a huge need to have more young people get involved in the creative arts, and the FCCE is a place to showcase their talent and talent as well as the benefits of photography,” Ms HulSHoff said.

“It is a very unique opportunity for children of all ages to make something that can be shared with the world.”

The project, called Children of the Ocean, has been endorsed by the UK government and has received $50,000 in funding.

It is one of more than a dozen projects launched by FCPBE in partnership with CAMDI.

The organisation hopes to make this new work a national platform, with the aim of inspiring the next generation to embrace their creative abilities.

“The idea is to create an environment that encourages young people from all backgrounds to come together and learn together, and to take their images to the next level,” Ms HoSHoff told news24.

The children of the ocean project was announced last week by the Prime Minister’s Department.


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