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The best photographs of the civil war, including photos from the front line

The best photographs of the civil war, including photos from the front line

LONDON (AP) It was a summer filled with excitement for a group of photographers who were trying to capture the conflict from the air.

They were in the middle of an aerial shot of the war zone as British soldiers, backed by tanks, began an offensive in June 1915 to capture what they called the capital.

They shot photos of buildings, trees and houses in the midst of burning streets and rubble.

They also captured some of the more unusual sights, including an abandoned village of people wearing gas masks, and people who were carrying on an unspoken conversation.

The images of people in gas masks and carrying on conversations in the aftermath of the battle have made it one of the most popular wartime photography works.

They are now part of a collection of more than 400 images taken by the British Royal Air Force in the war.

“I was just really struck by the sheer diversity of the faces and the faces of people, and the stories that they were telling,” said photographer Robert Frank.

He said his photographs were not intended to be a celebration of the conflict, but to help people understand the way war is fought and won.

“The idea that the soldiers were not just soldiers but people too, that people were actually talking to each other, that it was a very different kind of warfare than what we thought it was,” Frank said.

Some of the images have also become a cultural touchstone, with the film ‘Black Widow’ starring Charlize Theron and starring Benedict Cumberbatch also winning Oscars for best picture.

In the war’s final years, British troops would go on to win the war for the first time.

The country lost its empire and most of its territory to Germany in 1940.

The Germans captured much of eastern Europe in the second world war, and many British soldiers who died fighting for the Allies returned home to find their homes bombed or burned.

British troops have been killed or captured in action since World War II.

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