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What’s in the water in the Philippines?

What’s in the water in the Philippines?

The Philippines has more than 200,000 fish species, many of them endangered or threatened, the country’s Fisheries Department says.

It also has more dolphins than any other country.

But despite the fish and marine life, many Filipinos still view their home as a land of the free.

And this, according to a new documentary called “Where We Live.”

Filmmaker Karel Vos, who won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, traveled across the country in an effort to understand what it’s like to live with an endangered species.

He spent several months living with the Bornean red snapper and other endangered fish, but he also went to the waters of Borneo.

In one of the most iconic moments in the film, Vos sees the snapper leaping from the water, landing on the reef, then swimming back out to sea.

He also went out to fish, taking in the wildlife on a daily basis.

The documentary also captures a different kind of story for the Philippines.

When the government introduced a new law in 2016 to limit the number of fish species allowed in the waters, some Filipinos were outraged, thinking that the government was targeting the fish species that were already extinct.

They believed that by making fish species more abundant, they would become less endangered, said Karel, whose film is available for purchase on Amazon.org.

Vos said the response was largely positive.

But some people are not so accepting.

The government is still banning species from its waters, but it is still working to expand them.

Voz also said he hopes the film helps change the minds of people.

“I want to show that people can actually get involved and make a difference, not just in a documentary, but in an activist way, in a social way,” he said.

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