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Why this photo of a beach photographer is the best thing to happen to beach photography

Why this photo of a beach photographer is the best thing to happen to beach photography

Beaches are all the rage these days, especially in Australia, and it’s no secret that Australia has an incredible number of them.

So naturally, you’d think that with the new summer holidays starting next week, it’s a perfect time to capture the moment that the best beach photography in the world is happening to you.

Well, as is the case with many of these photos, this one is by a man called Dan Lacey, who is a professional photographer in his own right, and who uses a handheld DSLR camera to capture his own beach moments.

He’s not the first to make a splash in the surf photography world, and with good reason: Lacey has been on a roll with his work over the past few years, but this one stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons is that he doesn’t use the typical filters that are normally used in photojournalism to achieve the perfect shot.

Lacey uses a variety of tricks, such as a low light and low light burst, as well as using a tripod, to get a great exposure, and then, after capturing the moment, editing it to show the natural setting of the beach.

Lacy also uses a very different approach to his work than most, and this is probably one of the best things about his work.

He doesn’t take any pictures of himself, he just takes a picture of the environment around him.

This creates a completely different mood from what you might expect, and that’s what makes his work so special.

In a sense, it also gives the beach a totally different feel to it, because he doesn´t use the usual filters to achieve that.

In this particular shot, Lacey takes a different angle, and the result is a very natural and natural looking image.

The best part about it is that it’s still worth getting on board with the whole beach photography movement. 

Dan Lacey.

The perfect beach photo.

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