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‘Dude, this is so hot’: Woman with a boudous portrait of her daughter goes viral

‘Dude, this is so hot’: Woman with a boudous portrait of her daughter goes viral

A Boudoir Photographer from Quebec is sharing her photos of her first baby girl on Instagram.

Kaitlyn Vigneault posted her photo of her newborn daughter and a friend posing in a bouquet of flowers on Tuesday.

“I didn’t want her to get too far away from me,” Vigneaults said.

“But she wanted to stay close.

I decided I wanted to do something to make her feel welcome.

So I did that.”

Vigneaux said she didn’t realize her baby girl was pregnant until she was looking at her Instagram.

She said she was wearing a black dress and heels and the baby girl looked a lot like her daughter.

“She looked just like me.

She was just as cute as my daughter.”

Vignetteault said she took her photos in the afternoon, so it’s unclear when she posted the photos.

She posted a photo of the baby on her Instagram account, and the post has received more than 4,000 likes.

“The most amazing thing about this baby is that we’re a couple and we’re doing this together,” Vignaux said.

The photo is part of a series that Vigneaulds says she has been planning for the last two years.

“It’s my baby girl and I’m here with her,” she said.

She hopes her baby gets to visit her family when she gets her diploma.

“We’ll see when we’re done with this project, but we will definitely be here for her,” Viguillaault said.

Vigneauds said she’s hoping to get a job as a photographer in the next year or so, and she wants to show people she’s a mother to others.

“This is not the most romantic photo ever, but this is the first one,” she added.

“So I hope I can get a shot with her when she graduates.”

The baby’s name is Maddy and she’s 6 months old.

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